Composing music is my biggest love and passion. I love doing it starting from a movie or a drawn or just from an emotion. I composed music for movies, documentaries, video games, commercials, trailers, theater and art installations.



Being a music lover means being inspired by every style of music, trying to catch the essential from each genre and this is exactly what I do. I cooperated with many songwriters and bands in order to reach the best arrangement and sound we could get.



A fundamental feature in creating music is the production step. Recording, Mixing and Mastering are the key when it comes to realize albums or songs. I’ve recorded, mixed and mastered a lot of albums by bands from all over Europe, dealing with many different genres.

Hi there, my name is Federico Truzzi and I love making music.

On this page you can find my past, present and future creations.

Music is all about sharing and it is a constant communication between musicians and listeners. In this website you can find my vision of this concept.

You can listen to some of the soundtracks I composed for movies, documentaries, video games and commercials, or you can listen to my different projects as solo artists or with Sleeping Romance, my band. Furthermore, you can check some of my works as music producer and sound engineer.

My Latest Albums: