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  • Orchestral Composition
  • Euro120For minute
  • Including 3 overviews from the client. The price is just for composition, midi orchestration and mockup. For recording instruments or rent orchestras the price will be different.
  • Rock, Pop, Indie, Electro Composition
  • Euros100for minute
  • Including 3 overviews from the client. The price is only for composition, guitar/bass/piano/synth recorded. For recording drum or other instruments will be different. 100 euros for minute. Including 3 overviews from the clients.
  • Add real instruments to composition
  • Euro200for day
  • If you want to add a real instrument to my composition (for example a violin, a cello, a drum, a trumpet, etc..) the price is 200 euro for a recording day (100 euros musician fee + 100 euros studio fee). Usually during a recording day (8 hours) musician can record between 20 and 30 minutes of music. Half recording day will cost 120 euros (80 euros musician fee + 50 euro studio fee)
Best choice
  • Pack Composer
  • Euro100for minute
  • If you need a soundtrack for your short movie or your feature film/documentary I can propose some packets: 15 mins for full orchestra 1500 euros. 30 mins 3000 euros. 1 hour 5500 euros.
  • Music Producer
  • Euro150for track
    • Songwriter: you wrote the melody+chords on guitar or piano and I’ll prepare for you the full arrangements for your track.
    • Band: you wrote your song, I’ll attend at your practicing room and we working together on the song. Then preparing a preproduction together of the track.

  • Recording
  • Euro100for day
    • (From monday to friday, 9.00 till 19.00. Weekends and night times (from 21.00 to 24.00) have a increase of 20%.)
    • At your place: 150 euros for day + expenses (from 8 to 10 hours)
    • At my studio: 100 euros for day (from 8 to 10 hours)
    • In big studio: 300 euros for day (from 8 to 10 hours)

  • Mixing
  • Euro80for track
  • 80 euros for tracks including 3 overviews. More overviews will costs 15 euros each one.

    PACK MIXING: If you ask me to mix the whole album you will have a discount: 10 tracks 700 euros. 12 tracks 800 euros. 15 tracks 1000 euros.

    MASTERING40 euros for tracks.

Best choice
  • Euro280per track
  • If you choose me as your producer for the whole album and we will do together the process, from pre production, recording at my place, mixing and mastering, the price will be 280 euros for track, no hourly paid. If you choose a record at your place just add expenses for moving and food. If you want to record in big studio, you have to add the price for renting the studio. If you want to do together the entire album (from 8 songs to 15 songs) I’ll make a discount of 25% on my work.