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Sound Branding & Advertisements

Sound Logos


As a sound logo designer, I understand the importance of capturing the DNA of a brand through audio. I approach each project with a creative and technical expertise, combining elements of music and sound design to create a unique and impactful audio identity.


My goal is to create a sound logo that not only represents a brand, but also leaves a lasting impression on listeners. Whether it’s a musical jingle, a bold slogan, or a signature sound effect, I strive to craft audio DNA that is truly unforgettable.

Brand Music


As a composer for brand music, I bring a unique and creative approach to crafting audio content that represents a brand. My work goes beyond just writing music; I work closely with clients to understand their brand’s essence and messaging, and create a musical identity that reflects those values.


I incorporate elements of sound design and musical arrangements to create brand music that is both memorable and impactful. Whether it’s creating a sound logo that captures a brand’s essence in a few seconds, or composing background music that reinforces a brand’s image, I strive to create brand music that elevates brand recognition and distinguishes a brand from its competition.



As a composer for TV and commercial, I bring my expertise in music composition to craft memorable and impactful music for advertisements. I understand the importance of creating music that supports the visual content of the advertisement, and I work closely with clients to ensure that the music matches the tone and mood they are trying to convey.


Whether it’s a high-energy jingle for a fast-food commercial or a heartfelt ballad for a poignant insurance ad, I strive to create music that supports the messaging of the advertisement and resonates with the audience.