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Musa Drums Free Samples Padouk

In collaboration with Liueria 3G and Musa Drums, I’m proud to present the first sample library recorded from an amazing handmade drum.

The drum is completely made with an exotic wood called Padouk that give at the instrument a particular and original sound. Dark and deep like ebony, but fast and clear like Maple. It fits perfect for many different kind of music, but personally I really enjoyed it for rock/funk music. In the video you can listen how this awesome drum sounds in every instruments and dynamic:

The drum was recorded in Zetafactory, a professional studio recording in Carpi (Mo) where I work as an independent producer.

I have collected different layers (from 4 to 5) of different dynamics of executions of Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Floor Tom1 and Floor Tom 2, all divided in 2 main categories: Close and Room. Close samples are the sum of close and near microphones on the single instruments, Room samples are the sum of close mic and the room mic.

  • Kick was recorded using Audix D2 and Shure Beta 91A
  • Snare was recorded with 2 Audio Technica AE3000 and a Shure sm57
  • Toms were recorded with Sennheiser 421
  • 414 for Overheads
  • Blue woodpecker for Room
  • Kick  22X19”
  •  Snare 14X6,5”
  • Tom 1  10X7″
  • Tom 2  12X8”
  • Floor Tom 1 14X14”
  • Floor Tom 2  16X14”
  • Wood: padouk thickness: 6/8 mm


Download the Kontakt library or the single samples.


Kontakt Library My Musa Drum










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