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Workshop: How to compose a Soundtrack

I proudly announce my first Workshop in Music composition for moving pictures in collaboration with “Le Balene Possono Volare” in Berlin.



Music is one of the main tools to tell the story of a movie, a documentary, a video game, or just of any other video.
This workshop will introduce you to the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to create a simple soundtrack for a movie trailer using the color palette of the digital orchestra. It will cover the full process – from the idea to the final track.

This workshop will take place over 2 days, 6 hours per day for a total of 12 hours.

19th October 2019 – 13.00 – 19.00 (with break)
20th October 2019 – 13.00 – 19.00 (with break)

Enrollment Price: 80 €

What participants need:
– A laptop with a DAW of preference installed on it.
– A basic knowledge of Music theory and Harmony
– A knowledge of one DAW, Logic Pro X is preferable but they can use Cubase, Protools, Reaper or Ableton Live if they prefer.




Day 1

Introduction to Soundtracks:
– Introduction to different soundtracks used for different proposes (e.g. feature film, short movie, documentary, trailer, commercial, videogame)
– A short analysis of soundtracks in different styles

Composing a Melody:
– Introduction to melodies and how to create a motif
– Song structure (A A B A)
– Composing on piano a motif, following the song structure

Introduction to Orchestral Elements:
– Strings
– Double Basses, Cellos, Violas, Violin (I&II).
– Range of different instruments, 5 voices all together, different techniques.
– Brass
– Tuba, Tromboni, French Horns, Trumpets.
– Range of different instruments, 4 voices all together, different techniques.
– Woods
– Bassons, Clarinets. Oboes, Flutes (Piccolo).
– Range of different instruments, 5 voices all together, different techniques.
– Extra Instruments:
– Piano, Harps, Percussions.

Day 2:

Introduction to DAW:
– Logic Pro X
– Introduction to the MIDI

Composing a soundtrack for a short video (Trailer music):
– Analysing the video and defining a musical structure
– Composing a motif on a piano
– Orchestration of the motif and the soundtrack.

Mixing the soundtrack:
– Few concepts about mixing and some suggestions on mixing an orchestra
– Adding SFXs and Sound Design effects
– Mastering the track.


Additional notes:
This workshop is a basic introduction on how to write a soundtrack for moving pictures. It demonstrates the potential of
orchestration and how to start using it for movies.

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