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composer, music composer, audio, sound design, film music, music, compositions
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Orchestral & cinematic music0

Small ensembles & experimental music0

Band, rock, pop & indie music0

Sound Design & Mix Engineering0

About me:

photographer of lifestyle and people

Hello there!

Thank you for reaching me out!

Composing music is my biggest love and passion. I love doing it – starting from a visual or just an emotion.

I compose music for many different purposes and I am always excited when a new challenge knocks at my door.


I release my own music and I share the stage with my bandmates of Sleeping Romance.


Music is all about sharing and it is a constant communication between musicians and listeners. In this website you can find my vision of this concept.


Currently based in Berlin (DE).


Let’s get in touch: info@federicotruzzi.com.


Download my Resumé.