Moran Magal :

  • January 12th: Musik & Frieden /Berlin  DE
  • April 20th: Trolls and Legend /Mons, Belgium  BE
  • May 4th: Cassiopea/Berlin DE

Sleeping Romance :

  • February 8th: Defrag/Roma IT
  • February 9th: ArciTOM/Mantova IT
  • February 10th: Circolo Svolta/Rozzano (MI) IT
  • June 24th: Music Kitchen / Carpi (MO)


Federico Truzzi :

  • December 22th: Carpi (MO)  IT
  • November 10th: Brainstorm Festival/Apeldoorn  NL

Sleeping Romance :

  • September 15th: Dorfgemeinschafthaus/Niederaula DE
  • September 16th: Backstage/Munich DE
  • September 17th: Das Bett/Frankfurt DE
  • September 18th: Jan Hertog live club /Maasmechelen BE
  • September 19th: Studio Gonz/Gouda NL
  • September 20th: Metropool/Hengelo NL
  • September 21th: De Verlichte Geest/Roselare BE
  • September 22th: Kreatief/Neckarsulm DE
  • February 9th: Komma/Worgl AT
  • February 10th: Kammgarn/Keiserslauter DE
  • February 12th: Nachtleben/Frankfurt DE
  • February 14th: Underworld/London UK
  • February 15th: Biebob/Vosselar BE
  • February 16th: Cult Art Shop/Nijverdal NL
  • February 17th: Patronaat/Haarlem NL
  • February 18th: Matrix/Bochum DE
  • February 19th: Bi Nuur/Berlin DE
  • February 20th: Der Kult/Nurnberg DE
  • February 21th: Nova Chmelnice/Prague CZ
  • February 23th: Alte Spinnerei/Glauchau DE
  • February 24th: Pfaarsal/Lenzing AT


Sleeping Romance :

  • November 3rd: Patronaat in Haarlem NL
  • November 4th: Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn,  Netherlands NL
  • April 7th: Wilemeen, Arnhem, NL (Acoustic show)
  • April 9th: Thr room – Kaatsheuvel, NL (Acoustic show)

Other gigs :

  • May 5th: Presentazione libro “Fabula Postuma”- Circolo Tennis, Albinea (RE) – With Elde Lini


Sleeping Romance :

  • August 20th: Heavenstage Festival – Flaach CH
  • September 8th: Mutina Boica – Acoustic Show with 2Strings
  • September 23th: FemME (Female Metal Event) – Effenaar / Eindhoven NL (unplugged)
  • September 24th: FemME (Female Metal Event) – Effenaar / Eindhoven NL
  • September 25th: TBA
  • September 27th:  Meisenfrei – Bremen D
  • September 28th: Jan Hertog Live Club – Maasmechelen B
  • September 30th: P3 – Purmerend NL
  • October 1st: Free Music – Gouda NL (afternoon)
  • October 1st: De Kei – Ede NL (evening)
  • October 14th: Teatro Nero – Modena (IT) – Acoustic set
  • November 11th: Brainstorm Festival – Appeldoorn (NL) – Acoustic set
  • December 9th: CRN – Ennepetal (DE) – Acoustic set
  • December 10th: CRN – Ennepetal (DE)

Other gigs:

  • June 21th: Private perfomance for Pedaled: Vicenza (Vi), Italy


Sleeping Romance :

  • March 13th: Elements of Rock – Uster, Switzerland
  • March 15th: VolumeMax Fest IV – Brno, Czech Republic
  • March 16th: British Rock Star – Bratislava, Slovakia – with Dragony & Signum Regis
  • March 17th: ExitUS  – Prague, Czech Republic
  • March 19th: StudioGonz – Gouda (NL) – with La Ventura
  • March 20th: The Mix – Wolvega (NL) – with Veritas Infinita
  • March 21st: Ukien – Kampen (NL) – with Sin7Sins & La Ventura
  • March 22nd: De Pit – Terneuzen (NL) -with La Ventura
  • June 5th: Stones caffè, Vignola (MO), Italy
  • June 6th: Rock for the king festival, Prato, Italy
  • August 1st:  Freakstock Festival, Allstedt, Germany
  • November 12th: StudioGonz – Gouda, Netherlands
  • November 13th: PopEi – Einhoven, Netherlands
  • November 14th: Brainstorm Festival – Apeldoorn, Netherlands
  • November 15th: Jan Hertog – Maasmechelen, Belgium

Alice Sacchi:

  • January 11th: Stones Caffè, Vignola (MO), Italy
  • January 15th: Caffè Teatro Astoria, Fiorano (MO), Italy
  • January 24th: Eortè, Soliera (MO), Italy
  • February 12th: Il decano, Modena (MO), Italy
  • April 1st: Andrew’s pub, Modena (MO), Italy
  • April 16th: Queen’s tavern, Carpi (MO), Italy
  • May 16th: Mercatino dell’immaginazione, Gonzaga (MN), Italy
  • May 30th: Radio interview/Acoustic performance at Radio 5.9
  • June 13th: Cico’s pub, Eremo di curtatone (MN), Italy
  • June 17th: Giusto gusto, Carpi (MO), Italy
  • June 24th:  Festa rossa, Modena (MO), Italy
  • July 4th: Notte bianca, Mantova (MN), Italy
  • July 14th: Festa della memoria, Carpi (MO), Italy
  • July 18th: Pizzeria la lanterna, Crevalcore (BO), Italy
  • July 23th: Filò, Crevalcore (BO), Italy
  • September 23th: Filò, Crevalcore (BO), Italy

Other gigs:

  • April 10th: with Cagne Pelose: (MO), Italy
  • April 11th: with Tange’s time – Mattatoio culture club, Carpi (MO)
  • May 1st: with Cagne Pelose: Festa dell’antistress, Luzzara (MN)
  • May 16th: Free improvvisation Polyphonic door (Davide Bertocchi), Bergamo (BG)
  • May 29th: with Cagne Pelose: Zazza Bar, Migliarina (RE)
  • June 21th: Ecole Klassique, Teatro Asioli, Correggio (RE)
  • July 11th: Live radioattiva Nonantola
  • July 17th: with Cagne Pelose, Serramazzoni (MO)


Sleeping Romance :

  • February 22nd: Borderline – Modena, Italy
  • March 21st: Chlachthaus – Dornbirn, Austria
  • April 30th:   Art Caffè – Vicenza, Italy
  • May 2nd 2014: Blast Of Eternity – Neckarsulm, Germany
  • May 3rd: Rock for Eternity – Amersfoort, Netherlands
  • July 3rd: SKJÆRGÅRDS – Kragerø, Norway
  • September 4th: Mutina Boica – Modena, Italy
  • December 13rd: Christmas Rock night, Ennepetal, Germany

Alice Sacchi:

  • May 10th:  Notte bianca – Carpi (MO), Italy
  • May 11th: Ippodromo – Modena, Italy
  • May 28th: Mac’è – Carpi (MO), Italy
  • June 21st: Festa della musica – Nonantola (MO), Italy
  • June 22nd: Teatro comunale di Carpi (MO), Italy with Ecole Klassique
  • June 29th: Ippodromo – Modena (MO), Italy
  • June 3oth: Piazzale Re Astolfo with Ecole Klassique – Carpi (MO), Italy
  • July 20th: Ippodromo – Modena (MO), Italy
  • July 23rd: Filò – Crevalcore (BO), Italy
  • July 25th: Bar de Amicis – Carpi (MO), Italy
  • July 26th: Green Park – Casinalbo (MO), Italy
  • July 27th: Caffetteria via Veneto – Nonantola (MO), Italy
  • August 1st: Festa della libertà – Zocca (MO), Italy
  • August 24th: Buskers Ferrara – Ferrara (FE), Italy
  • September 17th: Rock Caffè – Modena (MO), Italy
  • October 11th: Sir Frensis – Modena (MO), Italy
  • October 24th: Sir Frensis – Modena (MO), Italy
  • October 25th: Pulp – Formigine (MO), Italy
  • December 10th: Manà – Modena (MO), Italy


Sleeping Romance:

  • November 2nd: Brainstorm Festival – Apeldoorn, Netherlands
  • November 5th: Blue Rose Saloon – Bresso/Milan, Italy
  • November 6th: Borderline – Modena, Italy
  • November 8th: Rock City – Uster, Switzerland
  • November 9th: Blast of Eternity – Neckarsulm, Germany
  • November 11th: Call for Eternity – Collosseum, Kosice, Slovakia
  • November 12th: Melodka – Brno, Czech Republic
  • November 13th: Club Hoodoo – Prague, Czech Republic
  • 16th March:  Corallo, Scandiano (RE), Italy
  • 23 June: Piumazzo (MO), Italy
  • 10 July: Eden Rock caffè, Carpi(MO), Italy

We are not a Trio :

  • 15th February:  Carpi (MO), Italy
  • 23rd March: Atheneum Caffè, Modena (MO), Italy
  • 19th May: Soliera (MO), Italy
  • 20th July: Bomporto(MO), Italy

Mechanical Swan :

  • 30th April:  Tunnel, Reggio Emilia (RE), Italy
  • 19th May: Soliera (MO), Italy
  • 19th June: Notte Bianca, Scandiano (RE), Italy
  • 6th July: Zazza Bar, Migliarina(MO), Italy
  • 7th July: Cortile d’onore, Castello di Carpi (MO), Italy
  • 2nd August: Festa della libertà, Zocca (MO), Italy

Other gigs:

  • 28th June 2013 The dream, classical ballet at Piazzale Re Astolfo, Carpi (MO)
  • 9th June 2013 The dream, classical ballet at Teatro Asioli Correggio (RE)



We are not a Trio :

  • 24th August: Bar de Amicis, Carpi (MO), Italy
  • 26th August: Private Part, Carpi (MO), Italy
  • 5th September: Notturno Festival, Carpi (MO), Italy
  • 10th November: Modena (MO), Italy

Hybrid Resolution :

  • 12th October: Stella Nera, Modena (MO), Italy
  • 13rd October: Rockkereto Festival, San Marino(MO), Italy

Synthphonia Suprema :

  • 16th September: Rockshock Festival, San Marino (MO), Italy