The wild side – Mountains


Here we are!
About two month ago I started writing new song with Alice Sacchi, it was something really important for us. This song talks about the love for the earth, mountains and woods. How important it is to sometimes forget our worldly life, our computers and our jobs to come back to nature. Today we can share it with you!
Ladies and Gentleman: Mountains.
Mountains now is the soundtrack of a beautiful video by 341 Prod. This video transforms words and music to images. We are so proud about it.

Please watch and share!!

Recorded at Lemonhead studio by Federico Truzzi
Produced and written by Federico Truzzi with the support of Dino Gervasoni
Mastering by Roberto Priori
Videos: 341 Prod.

Song: Mountains

Music: Federico Truzzi
Lyrics: Federico Truzzi and Alice Sacchi
Voice: Alice Sacchi
Guitars/Mandolin/Ukulele/Bass and OhOh: Federico Truzzi
Drum: Luca Torreggiani
Trumpet and Piano: Enrico Pasini

Sometimes I feel the fear
Seeking to be free
Walk outside the door
Now I can believe
I Look across this field, leave my worldly dreams
(and) close my eyes! cause now I can breathe
 The forest talks to me,
I hear birds sing and tweet,
My feet turn into stone
the sun warms my soul.

Whisper ing the earth my name,
Trees above my head,
Wind, kiss my skin,
Wind! touch my skin.
Sometimes I feel the fear
I feel the fear
but now I’m free
My thoughts shine so bright
I get lost in a starry night


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