“The Journal 1: Riding South” a new video from 341 Production

Check out my track written for the video “the Journal 1: Riding South” for PEDALED brand.

Claudio Rossoni, the director from 341 Prod., asked me to write something really minimal with a great atmosphere and a good vibe and groove. It was a really great challenge but I started working on it.


I was in the kitchen thinking about a solution and then the great idea: playing glasses. So I went in my studio and I was looking for tuning glasses and playing them with fingers and bow. Then I began playing Toms and Floor Toms following the video and the images. It was really great and funny!

12931057_956843304436345_7965202982575706708_nSpecial thank to Sebastiano Fagnani for his darbuka and ethnic percussions.

Video by 341 Production

Check out the video:


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