The great Grey Ocean – New Album with Kning Disk

Dear friends, it is time for me to share with you all a wonderful announcement.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to release my new and first solo album titled “The great Grey Ocean” with the swedish record label  KNING DISK (on their rooster you can find some amazing composer like Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, Greg Haines and other great artists).
This is a special and meaningful album for me, composed for piano and strings and it goes deeply into the relationship between man and nature, focusing on water.

I would love to express my thankfulness to some great people and friends that makes this real: Elde Lini and Cecilia Bolognesi (2Strings), Davide Cristiani (Bombanella Soundscapes – Studio di Registrazione), and Bianca Serena Truzzi.
Really soon there will be plenty more updates to follow as I begin this journey.

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