The Escape – Making of –



a new short movie by Alessandro De Vivo & Ivano Di Natale 


THE ESCAPE is a Sci-Fi short film set in a post-apocalyptic future. It’s about a man who tells a mysterious figure of how he managed to escape from his pursuer and how it’s mission can change the destiny of mankind.

THE ESCAPE is also a concept for a feature that we hope to achieve in the near future. In just 6 minutes, between chases, shootouts and time travel, we tried to create a sort of introduction to a larger project.



The Escape is the second work with Fablemakers and I must admit that when they called me I was really excited: I knew that working with them would take me to a new challenge.

They told me something about a future, but not our future, and something about a man and a time travel.

Following a long pre-production work we decided to recal the atmosphere of the 80’s sci-fi film with a much more modern feelings. We were looking for an epic and strong sound but not only with orchestra.. we needed something more.

So I started writing the music using electronic beats, synth and sometimes electric and distorted guitars.

I have also composed a song, “Back from the future” (performed by the italian singer Federica Lanna) in pure 80’s style to emphasize the non-temporay future.

In the end credits I used an extract from Black Dawn Romance, excerpt from the album of Mechanical Swan.

The soundtrack of “The Escape” has been nominated for ISFM.

For The Escape short film I have been involved also in the audio mixing in collaboration with Dino Gervasoni and under the supervision of the directors.

Below you can catch the short movie trailer! Enjoy it!


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