The Dream – making of



A classical ballet by Ecole Klassique


The Dream is a ballet based on the story “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. The work was commissioned by the dance school Ecole Klassique directed by Serena Marchetto. The scenographies are by Massimiliano Truzzzi.




Working with Serena Marchetto, director and choreographer of the dance school Ecole Klassique is always a pleasure because I’m really free about my expression and visions of the stories: that give me the possibilities to do a great work with imagination and to be free with music.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a story rich in atmosphere and magical characters and, in according with Serena, I have defined the key characters of the story (Oberon, Titania, Puck …) and different situations (the fairy world and the human world) trying to characterize them both with different themes and with different timbres of the instruments.

I decided to compose music for this ballet using the symphonic orchestra from a low of 20 items up to a maximum of 70 items.

You can litsen and buy the album on bandcamp:

The music of “The dream” has won Global Music Awards with Award of Excellence in October 2013, and has been nominated for Hollywood Music Awards with “Oberon’s theme” in 2012 and with “The night and firefly” in 2013.

Here you can read the score of Oberon’s theme.

Oberon’s Theme

The scenographies have been made by Massimiliano Truzzi which also created an animation for the overture of the show: the cute Amor makes a mistake that gives life to Midsummer’s Night Dream.

So you can see the ouverture animation:

Below you can catch the backstage video with interviews with Serena Marchetto, me and Massimiliano Truzzi (it is spoken in italian). The video is done by Gianmarco Lusvardi from Intigra Snc (



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