Sound the door – Polyphonic Door

With Sound the Door, performance by the artist Davide Bertocchi (Modena, IT, 1969), the historic gate into the old city along the imposing circle of the Venetian Walls, Porta Sant’Alessandro, will be a big musical instrument “played” by the people’s interaction. The performance is inspired by Polyphonic door, Bertocchi‘ site specific sound installation conceived for this place, unveiled to the city on the occasion of contemporary locus 7 ( until May, 24).

For the fifth edition of Art Date, Saturday 16th May, from 10.30am to 11.30am, Davide Bertocchi will enhance the interactive dimension of his work, involving the composer and musician Federico Truzzi. The performance will make the public protagonist of a live experience that will connect the ancient identity of Porta Sant’Alessandro and the contemporary one, through sounds and interpretations.

In the video below you can see and listen to the Polyphonic door:




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