Winterbreed – Facing the void
  1. You Will Cry My Name
  2. Run Away
  3. R.I.P. You Farewell
  4. Amnesic Dreams

Facing the void

The band was formed in Vicenza in 2014 by Mattia Todescato (guitar) and Martina Tomasoni (drums). Then Irene Scapin joined the band as vocalist. They started to write their first songs and the band was given the current name “Winterbreed”. After a few months Roberto Cingano (bass) joined Winterbreed and with this solid line-up they started to perform live locally. In May 2015 Roberto left the band and was replaced by Filippo Bergamin, in order to start the recording of the band’s first EP “Facing The Void”.

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at Lemonhead Studio in Carpi (MO) in August 2015; it contains four original songs and it will be released officially in the month of September.


2017-11-22-photo-00010170 Hence
thanks_round_02_copertina_promozione-copy Thanx for all the shoes
Another Ride
sr_cover_preview Sleeping Romance
22855738_1576512379037319_978608211_n Tange's Time
copertina_web-720x720 Yeah! Mutation
14568212_1597406160563035_1973121131207089248_n La Convalescenza
L'eco della clessidra