Orchestral Compositions


Are you looking for a majestic and epic soundtrack? Do you need a 80 elements orchestras for your your movie, documentary or videogame? Or you need something really small for piano, string quartet or guitar?  

I have over 5 years experiences in musical composition for media and more than 200 videos, in any different style and genre. I am able to  compose orchestral music from large and epic ensemble to small group of musicians.

Check out some examples of my orchestral/symphonic and cinematic music:

Check out some examples of my orchestral and classical compositions played by real musician and real orchestras:

A video footage taken during a recording session with orchestra in Varna (Bulgaria):

Orchestral Mockups:

Do you need an epic and majestic soundtrack but you don’t have the money to rent an entire orchestra? Are you a composer and do you need someone with a great skill to write on DAW your music? Or just do you need someone to help you to program strings, brass, woodwinds, drums, basses or different instruments for your project? 

I write great orchestral mockups using the best Virtual instruments you can find in commerce or we can find an hybrid solution recording few real instruments and mixing them with samples.  

Check out some examples of my orchestral compositions mixed with real instruments:

Check out some examples of my orchestral mockup: