Music Production


Are you a songwriter and you need an help to make your song real? Are you a band and do you need some suggestions to make sounds better your songs? Or just do you want to record your album?

I have over 5 years experiences of music production and more than 50 albums recorded and mixed in really a lot different kind of music and with musicians from all over the Europe. All musical genres, from rock, metal, indie to acoustic, electronic and classical music. 

We can do together:

Check out your song together and working on the structure, on the chords, on the choice of what instruments play on it. Then working together on the top line, the bass and arranging all instruments. Together we can also checking the lyrics to be sure that every words is right for the moment during the song.


When everything is settled up and we are ready to go, we start the recording session of every instruments and for sure, voices.


When everything is recorded, it is time to mix all tracks and give to the song the right sound.


This is the last step before saying “we have done!”. Mastering session is necessary to give the final touch and final color to the song and to the entire album. We will do it together or I will follow this process with you in an other studio that we will choose together.

Some bands I worked with:




Drop me a line at info (at) federicotruzzi (dot) com for any quote, questions or just to say hello!