L’adaptation OST

I’m glad to present the OST I composed in the last months for the short movie “L’adaptation“, which is the first work made by two young Italian directors (Federico Manicardi and Carlotta Po).

What you’re gonna listen to are eight tracks with minimalist and melancholic atmospheres.


You can buy the soundtrack for 1 Euro or streaming it for free on bandcamp:

The short movie is the first work by two young italian directors (Federico Manicardi and Carlotta Po).

L’Adaptation” was successfully funded by 92 backers on Kickstarter. This short film is about a journey of self discovery and the choices made to put one’s past behind in order to adapt to life.

A short brief about the story:

After her parents are killed by two burglars, Adeline is blackmailed. Dan is the only one who can help her get out of all this. Adeline has to find a way to adapt to a world that has always been hostile to her. In order to succeed, she will have to undertake a journey of self-discovery to figure out who she really is.

Other info about the short movie are on L’adaptation facebook page:

Check out on youtube Le chambre des Violoncelle:



Music composed and performed by Truzzi Federico

Violin on  Le chambre de al Rouille by Elif Paksoy

Mix by Truzzi Federico
Mastering by Bombanella Soundescapes

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