During last summer I worked on a new short horror movie by Fablemakers. I know really well the guys and it is alway a pleasure doing something new with them. This time the team decided to work on a new idea, something a bit different from their past short movies ( The story of a mother, The escape). Dark, horror and scary are the words that fits perfect for this video.

I choose to compose a soundtrack different from my “standard works” and this time I worked on something more atonal, dissonant and using a lot of sound effect.

Cellos and violins were played by Matteo Bertani, a young musician from Carpi (MO) and he did a great job.

Sound design: Dino Gervasoni

Audio Mix: Truzzi Federico&Dino Gervasoni

I hope you’ll enjoy what you see and what you hear from the link below:


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