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Memories – Short movie by Pezhmann Mokary


During last weeks I had the pleasure to start a new collaboration with Pezhmann Mokary, a really talented director and illustrator born in Kurdistan and now living in Copenhagen.  “Memories of Grains” is a dark, industrial and noisy track I composed for his beautiful experimental short movie “Memories”. Check out “Memories…


The Great Grey Ocean


Today is the day! “The Great Grey Ocean” is out! This album has a special meaning for me and I am really glad to share it with you all. I would love to say Thank You to the people who helped me to make this real: 2Strings, Bombanella Soundscapes – Studio…




It’s online Superficial! During last weeks I had the pleasure to compose the soundtrack for this amazing videogame for iPhone and iPad and it’s been a real honor working with Gabriel Palomino and Stefanie Palomino. This soundtrack is really important for me because it’s my first time as composer for…