The wild side – Mountains


Here we are! About two month ago I started writing new song with Alice Sacchi, it was something really important for us. This song talks about the love for the earth, mountains and woods. How important it is to sometimes forget our worldly life, our computers and our jobs to…


The Dream – making of


THE DREAM A classical ballet by Ecole Klassique ABOUT THE BALLET: The Dream is a ballet based on the story “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. The work was commissioned by the dance school Ecole Klassique directed by Serena Marchetto. The scenographies are by Massimiliano Truzzzi. ABOUT THE MUSIC: Working…


The waiting game – Making of –


THE WAITING GAME A Documentary by Storytellers ABOUT THE MOVIE: “Endless questions without answers, one after another. Sleepless nights, days of planning, studying, fine-tuning and the same, continuous questions in my mind, incessantly, always the same questions, always. In what part of the world is it still possible to find unexplored…


The Escape – Making of –


THE ESCAPE a new short movie by Alessandro De Vivo & Ivano Di Natale  ABOUT THE MOVIE: THE ESCAPE is a Sci-Fi short film set in a post-apocalyptic future. It’s about a man who tells a mysterious figure of how he managed to escape from his pursuer and how…


The Story of a mother – Making of –


THE STORY OF A MOTHER A short movie by Alessandro De Vivo & Ivano Di Natale  ABOUT THE MOVIE: One night, Death swoops in and takes the life of a child. His mother will do anything to recover him, even lose all she has. A 17 minutes short movie…


Endless Wave


Where words fail, music speaks. – Hans Christian Andersen “Endless Wave” is composed for violin, cello and baritone acoustic guitar.   Strings performed by 2Strings: Pic by Bianca Serena Truzzi: Mastering by Bombanella Soundescapes: Enjoy the music:

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Divine Justice


I’m really proud to present “Divine Justice ” a new collection of dark, cinematic and epic tracks perfect for trailers, epic scenes or videogames. These songs are composed for hybrid orchestras mixed with electronics sounds. The artwork is by Flush Design ( All tracks are composed and mixed by Truzzi Federico Mastering by Bombanella Soundescapes…


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I-VIEW – Making of –


I-VIEW A documentary about Simone Moro ABOUT THE MOVIE: Thanks to his perserverence, the Italian Simone Moro has written pages of alpinism history, above all of winter alpinism on peaks over 8000 meters high. I-VIEW also tells us about his adventure as a helicopter pilot and his dream of bringing…


L’adaptation OST

I’m glad to present the OST I composed in the last months for the short movie “L’adaptation“, which is the first work made by two young Italian directors (Federico Manicardi and Carlotta Po). What you’re gonna listen to are eight tracks with minimalist and melancholic atmospheres. Enjoy! You can buy…


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I’m so proud to announce a new collaboration for a new short movie, L’adaptation. Below few lines about the project written by directors Federico Manicardi and Carlotta Po. “L’Adaptation” was successfully funded by 92 backers on Kickstarter. This short film is about a journey of self discovery and the choices made…