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My name is Federico Truzzi and I am a music composer and music producer for movies, videos, video games, theater and bands.

I am the composer, guitar player and producer for the band Sleeping Romance (Napalm Record), and in 2018, I decided to go solo with my first album “The Great Grey Ocean“ (Kning Disk).

Currently I am living and working in 2 different cities: in my hometown Carpi (MO) in Italy where is my studio “Lemonhead’s Studio” and in Berlin, in Germany, where I have my “Lemonhead’s mobile studio“.

If you are in need of original music for your project or if you are looking for a music producer I’d be happy to hear from you. Let’s get in touch: info@federicotruzzi.com

  • 2016, Pulse College, Summer scoring program, Varna (Bulgaria) with Christopher Young
  • 2014 Masterclass in Orchestral Conducting with Ennio Nicotra
  • 2011 Orchestration from Berklee online courses
  • 2009 Masters Sound Engineering from Tor Vergata University (Roma, Italy) Final score: 110 on 110 cum laude
  • 2007 B.S. Software Engineering from Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Modena, Italy)
  • 2005 Berklee Summer Guitar Session in Boston (MA, USA)

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341 Production, Fablemakers, Flushdesign, Roberto Pagliani, Marco Cisaria, Synapsy, Avocado Production and many more.
ALBUMS (Composer, musician and producer):

The Great Grey Ocean” Truzzi Federico (2018 released by Kning Disk)                                                     “Alba” Sleeping Romance (2017 released by Napalm Records)
Divine Justice” (2016, self released)
I View” OST (2016, self released)
L’adaptation OST” (2016, self released)
The sound of darkness” (2015, self released)
The waiting game OST” (2014, self released)
The dream OST” (2013, self released)
Enlighten” Sleeping Romance (2013 released by Ulterium Records)
Black Dawn Romance” Mechanical Swan (2012 released by Scarlet Records)
Future Ice age” Synthphonia Suprema (2011 released by Rock it up records)
Synthphony 001” Synthphonia Suprema (2009 released by Rising works)

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