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A little about me, my studies, my adventures...

Federico Truzzi, an accomplished musician and sound engineer, has dedicated his life to the constant pursuit of music, touching upon all facets from classical composures to an uncanny natural inclination towards the distorted guitar.  Born March 17th, 1983 in Carpi (MO) Italy, his beginnings were on jazz guitars, studying several years before advancing towards metal and rock techniques.  In continuation he has earned distinguished scholastic achievements along the way…

  • 2016, Pulse College, Summer scoring program, Varna (Bulgaria) with Christopher Young
  • 2014 Masterclass in Orchestral Conducting with Ennio Nicotra
  • 2011 Orchestration from Berklee online courses
  • 2009 Masters Sound Engineering from Tor Vergata University (Roma, Italy) Final score: 110 on 110 cum laude
  • 2007 B.S. Software Engineering from Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Modena, Italy)
  • 2005 Berklee Summer Guitar Session in Boston (MA, USA)

Currently a guitarist and composer in a symphonic metal band  called Sleeping Romance and he is working on his solo projects. In addition he composes for movies, short feature films, and videogames, and has freelance collaborations with various studios.

  • -Official selection in HMMA for OBERON’S THEME
    -Official selection in HMMA for THE NIGHT AND FIREFLY
    -Official selection in ISFFM awards for THE ESCAPE SOUNDTRACK
    -Winner of the award of excellence for the GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS for THE DREAM
    -Official semi-finalist for ISC with OBERON’S FAIRY
  • Até ao Canto do Galo – feature film
  • Closed – short movie
  • I view – documentary
  • The Waiting game – documentary
  • The Escape – short film
  • Story of a mother – short film
  • Other shorts: Mantus, Angels Apocalipse, the way to paradise, 67th Streets New York NY
  • Theatre:
  • The Dream
  • Behind the light
“Alba” Sleeping Romance (2017 released by Napalm Records)
“Divine Justice” (2016, self released)
“I-View OST” (2016, self released)
“L’adaptation OST” (2016, self released)
“The sound of darkness” (2015, self released)
“The waiting game OST” (2014, self released)
“The dream OST” (2013, self released)
“Enlighten” Sleeping Romance (2013 released by Ulterium Records)
“Black Dawn Romance” Mechanical Swan (2012 released by Scarlet Records)
“Future Ice age” Synthphonia Suprema (2011 released by Rock it up records)
“Synthphony 001” Synthphonia Suprema (2009 released by Rising works)
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