Record, Mix and Mastering

Are you looking for someone to record your music and mix it? Do you want to record your songs at your rehearsal room? Do you need a studio where to record your stuff? Or do you need someone to help you to mix your recordings? I have over 5 years experiences of music production and more than 50 albums recorded and mixed in a lot of different kind of music and with musicians from all over the Europe. All musical genres, from rock, metal, indie to acoustic, electronic and classical music. 



We can choose together the best solution for your needed :


RECORD AT YOUR PLACE (your rehearsal room, your home, etc..):  

Record up to 16 tracks with mobile, high class recording equipment. Capture the distinct sound of the space you want to create music in. 


RECORD AT MY PLACE (Lemonhead studio):

Perfect for singer-songwriters, small groups, voice over artists and overdub sessions. Soundproof and acoustically optimized room.


RECORD IN A BIG SPACE (Bombanella Soundscapes, Zeta factory, etc..): 

I work as independent producer in some really big studios, with big rooms and really great equipment. Also I can move and work in a studio close to you!



Have you recorded your music in another studio with another sound engineer? No problem, send me your tracks and I’ll mix them!





Music Production