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A short bio:

My name is Federico Truzzi and I am a music composer and music producer for movies, videos, video games, theater and bands.

I am the composer, guitar player and producer for the band Sleeping Romance (Napalm Record), and in 2018, I decided to go solo with my first album “The Great Grey Ocean“ (Kning Disk).

Currently I am living and working in 2 different cities: in my hometown Carpi (MO) in Italy where is my studio “Lemonhead’s Studio” and in Berlin, in Germany, where I have my “Lemonhead’s mobile studio“.

If you are in need of original music for your project or if you are looking for a music producer I’d be happy to hear from you. Let’s get in touch: info@federicotruzzi.com


Download my Resumé.

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My Albums

  • “Music inspired by the Little Prince” –  Truzzi Federico (2018 released by Bombanella Soundscapes)
  • “The Great Grey Ocean” –  Truzzi Federico (2018 released by Kning Disk)
  • “Alba” – Sleeping Romance (2017 released by Napalm Records)
  • “Divine Justice” (2016, self released)
  • “I View” OST (2016, self released)
  • “L’adaptation OST” (2016, self released)
  • “The sound of darkness” (2015, self released)
  • “The waiting game OST” (2014, self released)
  • “The dream OST” (2013, self released)
  • “Enlighten” – Sleeping Romance (2013 released by Ulterium Records)
  • “Black Dawn Romance”-  Mechanical Swan (2012 released by Scarlet Records)
  • “Future Ice age” – Synthphonia Suprema (2011 released by Rock it up records)
  • “Synthphony 001” – Synthphonia Suprema (2009 released by Rising works)